About Dr. Cheryl Enterprises

Grief is a strong, often overwhelming emotion for people, whether their sadness stems from losing a loved one, a terminal illness, loss of an ongoing relationship, a divorce, and loss of self from caregiving. Grief is a natural reaction to loss. Mourning is an expression and the processing of grief. Depression, confusion, even losing interest in family, friends, and social activities can occur during this time. No grief/mourning recipe or template exists for all people for all seasons. To process and work through our grief honors our losses, cherishes our memories, and releases us to heal.


My mission I help people embrace their organic, authentic, sacred selves, through love by helping them create a language to identify and make peace with loss, grief, and trauma in their lives.


My vision is to live in a world where people come from love and not fear, thus respecting self and others, and where all people give themselves permission to process their grief.