Bad Divorce /Bad Break Up

When a relationship ends, healing can take time. 

I help couples strengthen their connection, work through conflict, and communicate with love and compassion.

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We grow up with fairy tale stories of happily ever after and often envision our partners as who we would like them to be, rather than who they are. Many times life situations and circumstances change people. Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship was unhealthy from the start, and the relationship grew out of fantasy and dreams, not reality. Yet, even when the healthiest thing for a relationship is to break off, it still hurts. There is life after a bad breakup or divorce.

We get to learn who we are as an individual, that we are whole and complete. We do not have to be in a relationship, but as we grieve the loss, we can come anew to love ourselves and be ready for new, healthy relationships.



Awareness, Acceptance, & Action