Job Loss

Being laid off is like any other loss. Give yourself time.

I offer support for those in life transition around jobs and their vocational dreams, and wish to make positive changes in their attitudes and occupational lives.

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We spend a lot of time in school, often getting trained as opposed to embracing an education. Too often, we fail to learn who we are until a crisis or some life-changing event happens. Many times we fail to listen to our hearts and focus on other things to bring happiness. Thus, when we lose our job, we both lose a source of income and a part of our identity. Job loss can traumatize and cause shame and guilt.

However, a job loss is an opportunity to reflect on needs and desires, on our talents and options. In going forward, we have a chance to be creative with our gifts and find a way to ensure an income, take care of our needs, and embrace our dreams and financial security.


Job Loss
Taking Assessment and Moving Forward