“Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan has been my friend and co-worker for two decades. Having known she was a brilliant thinker, as I got to know her better I became amazed at her caring, attentive relatability and her deep pastoral insights. As friends we have walked the path of grief together after the deaths of each of our spouses. We all have much to learn from this gifted child of God."
Dr. Mike Broadway
Associate Professor, Theology and Ethics, Shaw University Divinity School
"Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan is a force of nature! She is a phenomenal scholar, intellectual and academician. Dr. Cheryl is a profound teacher who executes with excellence her pedagogical skills but breaks it down to the "make it plain" level. What I most admire about her is her commitment to provide insight on issues that impact and touch the lives of all people. Her amazing literary works have added to the canon of books dealing with grief, hip hop in the church, womanist theology and the complexities of the church and being churched to name a few. She embodies in the spirit of the ancestors an indomitable spirit of resolve and resilience. She is such a profound griot and elder in the village! Dr. Cheryl Kirk- Duggan commands our respect and attention. If folks (including the church) pay attention to her wise counsel and wisdom, we can certainly advance the cause of the "beloved kingdom" that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks about. Who is regal Cheryl Kirk Duggan? She's part Nzinga, Sojourner, Harriett, Rosa, Fannie Lou, Maya, all her ancestors and the nameless, yet fearless mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers wrapped up in a package of joy, beauty and majesty. She is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So help me God!"
Rev. Dr. Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr.
Pastor, West Mitchell street CME church
"It is my distinct pleasure and honor to uplift the oratorical and many other gifts of the person in the Rev. Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan. Dr. Kirk-Duggan is a phenomenal woman of GOD. She is also a jewel to the body of CHRIST. Dr. Kirk-Duggan is able to guide, direct, and with proficiency create the best writing outcome in any student!"
Rev. Crystal Y. Bullock
Shaw Divinity School student
OK, where do I begin? Dr. Kirk-Duggan and I met about 20 years ago when she was my professor at Shaw University Divinity School. An excellent instructor, she made you think!! We clicked and have been "SISTERS" ever since. A “What you see is what you get person, once you get to know her, you know where she is coming from. She listens with compassion, and at the same time she noted, "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, TAKE I UP WITH GOD." She has a great sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. A great cheerleader, she reminds us: you have "HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD"; go forth and conquer!!!!! Retiring from the university, she will be missed at SHAW UNIVERSITY, where she left her mark!!! I love her, and am grateful for her being in my life. She is an ideal coach, and you will learn much from her!
Deborah Victoria Patterson
friend and former student
"Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan is an incredibly wise and deeply caring person. She listens extremely well and has the unique ability to process the information you have shared with her and give efficient and trustworthy feedback in a timely manner. Her services have been instrumental to my career as a writer, public speaker, life coach and university professor. For most of my professional life, she has affectionately been regarded as my “guide on the side.” I highly recommend her work to emerging professionals, individuals and groups as they wrestle with the challenges and transitions of life."
Reverend Dr. Floyd Wicker
To experience Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan [Dr CKD] is to bear witness to her radiant aura of light and love, her wisdom and whimsy, her captivating smile of friendship, as well as her spiritual gifts of music and song. Dr. CKD is a tour de force exuding positive energy from the core of her being, encouraging whomever you encounter. No doubt, this authenticity emanates from a deeply abiding faith that God’s divine and transcendent breath feeds your life as a mentor and role model by example. For over our 22- plus years of collegial engagement and friendship, I remain in awe of her skillful passion for theological education to prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow’s possibilities in the academy, church, and community. Her justice advocacy dignifies our lived experiences with a focus on empowering Black women’s voices. She is a respected leader in the guilds of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and the American Academy of Religion (AAR) with many honors, as a visionary and networking strategist. Her impressive achievements as an accomplished writer and educator embody the essence of a PHENOMENAL WOMAN by poet Maya Angelou in the excerpt: “Now you understand just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about, or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, it ought to make you proud! Thank you.
Rev Valerie Miles-Tribble, PhD, DMin
Associate Professor of Ministerial Leadership & Practical Theology